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Archive for May, 2018

The Times They Are A-Changing

Neil Bedi, Managing Partner, Subsero Health

If healthcare’s fee-for-service model, where physicians are paid for each and every instance of care that they provide patients, was a patient, it would be in hospice. Its final days will be painful and scary for many in our industry, not only because its time is drawing to a close, but also because a new, unfamiliar model, value-based care, is rapidly maturing to take its place.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Neil Bedi, Managing Partner, Subsero Health, to discuss the vast and significant reimbursement changes physicians face in the very near future. Below is an excerpt of our conversation where he describes:

Subsero Health’s Blog: Our Mission

Jason Free, Director of Marketing, Education and Engagement, Subsero Health

Welcome to our new Subsero Health blog.

We hope this page will become a regular stopping point for your searches on the latest viewpoints and news relating to healthcare’s shift away from fee-for-service and toward value-based care. Topics such as MACRA, MIPS, APMs, practice management, care management, and patient experience will be discussed and analyzed at length with the hope of demystifying the evolving medical landscape for those seeking guidance, and even reassurance, as healthcare undergoes historic changes.